Colloque:Cosmopolitanism, New Media and Protest

Le cinquième colloque organisé par le département de Media and Communication de London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) aura lieu le 15 juin, 2012, à Londres.

Cette année le thème est consacré à la médiatisation et à la médiation des émeutes par les nouveaux médias.

Voici le texte en anglais:

In the last two years, significant waves of civil protests have been taking place around the globe. There are many examples: the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ has targeted totalitarian regimes in the Arab world; the ‘indignados’ in Spain, Greece and other EU countries have been protesting against austerity, unemployment and corrupt governments; the #Occupy movement, in the USA and Europe, emerged as a response to the financial crisis, targeting financial elites and demanding social change; there have also been riots in a number of UK cities; and political protests in Russia.

On the one hand, these developments can be approached as local events in which information technologies and new media played a significant role in the mediation of protests. On the other, we could argue that we are witnessing the emergence of a new global political system, as all these events are interrelated and reflect the rise of a new type of cosmopolitan networked society. In the latter case, new media may not just be a tactical tool but a major factor for system change.

Conceptualising cosmopolitanism as a contested term resting on a tension between the local and the global, the Symposium will examine the mediation of protests through new media platforms as they expand within and beyond national borders. The key question we will address is: How are new media implicated in the creation of cosmopolitan dispositions and protest mobilisations?

(Appel au colloque)

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